Plant Shadow

Oh hey there!

I'm Taira! I’m 27 and living in South Florida, in the beautiful city of Miami. I am a middle school teacher and I lead a community of likeminded people in pursuing non-toxic living and wellness. I combine my understanding of holistic wellness and my masters in clinical psychology to help others minimize their toxic load and heal their bodies from the inside out. When I’m not researching natural alternatives, or DIYing my household products, I’m either leading an amazing group of girls at youth group, creating designs on Canva, or napping (because you know, beauty sleep is important!). 

Why I Got Started

I began to look for more natural alternatives in 2019 when I started researching ingredients (toxins) found in daily products. I'd always dealt with health flare ups including issues with my gut and digestion as well as imbalances with my hormones and overall mood. My photographer (and now best friend) introduced to Young Living during a photo session. It was my doorway into this whole world because it changed my life forever.


The practical steps of ditching out chemicals and toxins was made so easy for me and I now had the time to dive deeper into research. I read published articles on how to heal my gut, how to nourish my body, and how to naturally balance my hormones without the need for synthetics or birth control. I have gone on to teach and educate over 300 members in my community and it is such an honor to get to do this!

I am so passionate about seeing clean products in every home, but more than that, I want people to feel empowered to know that there are other options aside from generic or common methods and that eastern & western medicine can coincide- we don’t have to choose one or the other!